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Mark Beebe

imgresIt’s no surprise H&R Block has a certain open window to advertise. The use of that window this year and last, is so strong and so compelling that any average millennial will dive deeper into this offer. Kansas City, Mo.-based H&R Block is embarking on a “Get Your Billion Back America” effort, which is kicking off across media channels after debuting a few spots during the NFL playoff games on Sunday. The tagline is based on a study H&R Block said it undertook last year, re-checking 1,200 self-prepared tax filings for consumers to see how many missed out on bigger returns thanks to preparation missteps. More than half of them could request more money from the government, collectively adding up to more than $1 billion, per the brand.

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Stevens & Tate

imgres-1WHO: Retail Design Professionals

WHERE: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

WHEN: March 25, 2015, from 3-4pm

DETAILS: “Attraction Marketing Gets Results: Proven Strategies to Draw in Prospects to your Brand and Help Drive Sales”

Dan Gartlan, president of Stevens & Tate Marketing and champion of the innovative Attraction Marketing concept, is pleased to be sharing his expertise at the world’s largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing.

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Stevens & Tate

Dan Gartlan to present a featured seminar on his innovative Attraction Marketing program.


WHO: Top retailers and brands in gifts/home goods, women’s fashion and accessories, activewear, and childrenswear

WHERE: Chicago Merchandise Mart; 7th Floor Market Suites, 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza; Chicago, IL 60654

WHEN: Saturday, January 31, 2015, at 11am

DETAILS: “Attraction Marketing Gets Results: Proven Strategies to Draw Prospects to your Brand and Help Drive Sales”

The first big speaking event for Stevens & Tate is happening this month—right here in Chicago. STYLEMAX, the leading trade show for women’s fashion, accessories, gifts and home goods, has asked President Dan Gartlan to present a featured seminar on his innovative Attraction Marketing program. Gartlan is pleased to be sharing his expertise at this prominent industry event.

Now in its 15th year, STYLEMAX—and the new Gift at STYLEMAX—draws thousands and features more than 4,000 resources in over 100,000 square feet of space at the Merchandise Mart downtown Chicago. The first 2015 event is being held from January 31st through February 2nd at the Market Suites on the 7th Floor.

On the first day of the event, Gartlan will educate top retailers and brands on the key strategies and tactics of the Attraction Marketing program, in his session titled: Proven Strategies to Draw in Prospects to your Brand and Help Drive Sales.

Designed to help organizations improve business performance by strengthening their marketing programs, the presentation promises to provide key insight for retailers and brands on specific and proven ways they can increase efficiencies and attract new prospects. Relevant examples will demonstrate how to effectively incorporate the initiatives into their own organizations right way to experience significant results.

For more information about STYLEMAX and the upcoming show being held at the Merchandise Mart, please visit To learn more about Gartlan’s expertise in Attraction Marketing, click here.

Stevens & Tate

Yohana Desta | December 4th, 2014 | Mashable

Don’t go to bed with Twitter in 2015.

With the new year comes a new you — on social media, at least. As 2015 rolls around, it’s time to once again come up with resolutions you absolutely, definitely, totally will not break. When it comes to social media, there are probably a million new things we could all be working on.

From trying new networks to keeping social media out of the bedroom, here are seven resolutions you can work on in 2015.

  • 1. Mute more people on Twitter.


    The 140-character social network blessed us with the ability to mute users in 2014. That means you can do all the followbacks and courtesy follows you want, and you won’t get stuck scrolling through undesirable tweets.

    If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry: We have a few recommendations of who to mute first. Read the rest of this entry »

Stevens & Tate

Jayson DeMers | November 20th, 2014 | Forbes


1. We’ll witness the rise of Ello

What we couldn’t have predicted last year was the emergence of a new social platform intended to go head-to-head with social media giant, Facebook. The platform, which is still in public beta (meaning invite-only), has caused quite a stir; dubbed by some as the ‘hipster social network’, Ello offers a forever ad-free experience and promises to never sell its users’ information to third parties. Their website states: “Collecting and selling your personal data, reading your posts to your friends, and mapping your social connections for profit is both creepy and unethical. Under the guise of offering a “free” service, users pay a high price in intrusive advertising and lack of privacy.”

It’s unclear at this point whether the extreme buzz around the platform is simply because of its positioning as the ‘anti-Facebook’, or whether it has the substance, design and functionality to actually become a serious competitor for Facebook. Engagement on the platform doesn’t seem to be high at this point, and some are pointing out the current weaknesses of the platform, including the lack of video-integration and meaningful conversation and engagement.

Regardless, Ello is likely to grow in 2015, both in terms of numbers and engagement, and many will be watching closely. For more background on the platform, see my article, Ello: What Is It and Why Does Everyone Want an Invite?

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Stevens & Tate

Jonathan Long | March 24th, 2014 | Business2Community


Throughout last year the statement, “2013 is the year of responsive web design” was seen all over the internet, and everyone from business blogs to large tech sites all discussed how it was the year of Responsive Web Design (RWD). It seemed to start right after Mashable went responsive in December of 2012.

Now, we almost done with the first quarter of 2014 and, “this is the year of responsive web design” is already springing up across the internet world. New trends surface of the time, often to fade away or quickly be replaced, but responsive web design has arrived and is here to stay. Responsive simple designs are extremely popular at the moment with companies performing major overhauls in order to take advantage of the benefits associated with a RWD. When proper onsite optimization for local SEO is combined with a responsive design it can result in a very successful local online marketing strategy.

There are several benefits of redesigning and converting to a responsive website, and when companies fully understand them they often wonder why it has taken so long to “get responsive.” The following three benefits touch on reasons why responsive is the way to go:

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Stevens & Tate

Lee Polevoi | October 30th, 2014 | Intuit

social media bad practices

Social media marketing has always been about constant learning, testing and evolving along with your community. But what happens when you’re just starting out and you want results super-fast? This is when you could end up employing some bad practices that can destroy your online presence before it has even begun. Let’s take a closer look!

 Bad Practice #1: Using Social Channels as Silos

Too many large and small brands approach social media marketing like they did in the early nineties – using silos that deal with individual platforms, instead of seeing social media as a collaborative effort across multiple platforms. Do not make the mistake of segregating your platforms and treating them as individual entities.

Social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn need to be integrated and working together for the overall goal of a successful social strategy. By all means focus on the sites individually, but don’t forget that they function as a whole.

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