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Michael Bird | May 28th, 2014 | Business2Community

5 Simple and effectiv marketing tips for businesses

If your business already has Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, you may wonder why you should also invest your time in promoting your business via Instagram. Instagram is a great platform for grabbing the attention of users who are drawn to visual messaging and sharing. It has more of a personal touch than Twitter and Facebook, but it has similar features such as “likes,” shares and hashtags for putting your content in the same category as others. The main difference lies in that your content is contained within one square image.

So what’s so special about sharing images? For one thing, users are more likely to be drawn to visuals than to text. In addition, people are 40% more likely to have a better response to visual content as opposed to plain text. The bottom line here is that people love pictures (just look at the success of Pinterest). So if you’re looking to enhance your business promotions via Instagram, here are the expert tips that can get you started:

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Stevens & Tate

Sonja Hegman Andras | August 20, 2014 | Inside Facebook

Facebook Targeted ad campaign

 It’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach for pages has plummeted over the last year — or that the free ride is essentially over — but forking over a little cash for ads could do some good. The most efficient way to do this? Through creating a targeted campaign.

Social ads are a great way for businesses to foster consumer engagement and expand their reach, according to Phil Penton, president of Social Integration.

U.S. companies spent a combined $5.1 billion on social media advertising last year, and that number is expected to increase to $15 billion by the end of 2018, according to BIA/Kelsey.

Penton told Inside Facebook:

This is the hottest topic out there. Everyone was out there growing their fans [on Facebook], and spent a lot of time growing their Likes with the thought that they were going to be able to post content for free and their fans would be able to see it. The reality is that if you had 100,000 Likes on your Page, only 10 percent were seeing your posts anyway, which isn’t great to begin with.

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Stevens & Tate

Elisia Guerena | July 25, 2014 | Mobile Commons

Text Message Advertising

Has your marketing campaign lost its edge? Maybe it’s because you haven’t introduced mobile. Text messaging is proving to be the fastest, easiest, and most accessible form of marketing today. Nearly every company can benefit from a mobile marketing strategy—here are just five reasons why.

1) Text messages see instant results

When you have a call to action that needs to drive results, and drive them fast, text messages are your best bet. That’s because 99% of text messages are read and responded to within 90 seconds of receiving them. This places text messages at a higher reading and response rate than email, social media, and print.

Time was the most crucial element when the Sierra Club wished to inform supporters of last-minute rallies. With less than a day to act, Sierra Club used text messaging to organize its supporters. Over 2,500 people texted in within a matter of hours! These kinds of instantaneous results are a hallmark of mobile marketing. Text messaging’s high open rate ensures that your mobile campaign will be more efficient than using any other communication channel.

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Stevens & Tate

Tara Chila | July 30, 2014 | MarketingProfs

contentmarketingWriting for a website is different from other kinds of writing. You have to make it short, sweet, and explanatory—and focus on communicating benefits, benefits, benefits. Oh, and also make sure you nail down relevant keywords and scatter them enough (but not too much) in the text.

Writers who are new to writing copy for the Web have to learn what works and what doesn’t, and they have to learn fast. To make all that a bit easier, I’m going to discuss a few cardinal rules of business writing and effective online copy.

Titles and search results snippets are king

You’re probably aware of how important a webpage title is, particularly since that’s what searchers will see in search engine results. But, do you fully comprehend how much a bad page title can hurt you? A poor title will not only skew your search engine results (keywords in page titles help search engine bots recognize and rank your page) but also fail to capture your visitors’ attention.

Make sure page titles are concise, yet explanatory and focus on the benefits of your services or products. For instance, one of our old page titles and search results snippet were as follows:

Reliable cross country shipping & moving takes experience—TSI has been a leader since 1989
You get low rates and expert handling for small moves and shipments nationwide. Call for a price quote or click to request a quote online now.

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Stevens & Tate

Carrie Morgan | October 4, 2013 | MarketingProfs

google seoAlthough some aspects of SEO haven’t changed much in the last decade—relevant content, page titles and descriptions, keyword research, the importance of page loading speed—the influence of social media and inbound marketing are causing seismic shifts in search optimization. Especially at the enterprise SEO level.

Having the right in-house team or external partner is now a fraction of the ROI equation—i.e., ranking that actually has an impact on revenue.

Maybe that’s why so many businesses still invest the bulk of their marketing budget in paid media instead of organic search—an expensive mistake, considering 75% of click-throughs come from organic results.

Organic SEO provide cumulative benefits that just keep improving with every investment of time or budget; moreover, it is an owned outcome. Paid search results are like renting space in a mall: As soon as you stop paying rent, your entire presence disappears.

Paid search is a short-term outcome with few lingering benefits that companies settle for, when instead it should be used to simply bridge the visibility gap while they integrate lasting organic solutions, or used to accomplish short-term marketing goals.

So what do C-suite executives need to know? (Hint: it has more to do with enterprisewide collaboration than actual SEO skills like programming or copywriting.)

I spoke to Chris Corak, senior strategist for digital agency Sitewire, to gain a little insight, since his agency specializes in aligning corporate marketing goals with inbound marketing strategies and tactics.

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Stevens & Tate

Fabtech 2014WHO: Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and professionals in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries—more than 1,400 vendors and 27,000 attendees from around the country.

WHERE: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

WHEN: Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DETAILS: FABTECH is North America’s Largest Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding and Finishing Event. Stevens and Tate Marketing Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner is excited to have been selected as a featured speaker for this year’s event being held in Atlanta, Georgia this fall.

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Mark Beebe

Mobile Coupons

 Whether you are an “extreme couponer” or just like to keep an eye out for good deals, you are probably used to finding these in the Sunday newspaper or in the stack of weekly circulars at the local grocery store. You get home, grab some scissors, and start snipping away. Then, you begin to sort and organize into different piles by month, store, or expiration. Well, put down those scissors and pick up that smart phone; the paper-coupon era is becoming extinct.

It is confirmed that more than 110 million people and about 70% of digital coupon users will use coupons on their mobile device this year. This number has increased dramatically compared to the 92 million people that used digital coupons in 2012 and the 103 million people back in 2011.

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