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Dan Gartlan

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Often in business, we feel like we’re on strategy, but as we move further away from when that strategy was defined, we’re really just going through the motions. Activities are being completed, but we lose site of why we are doing them and what they are supposed to accomplish. In addition, there can be changes in the marketplace, competitor’s messaging, consumer concerns and even the methods of communication. Read the rest of this entry »

Stevens & Tate

LeadingAge MissouriWHO: LeadingAge Missouri members and affiliates—part of a national association of 6,000 not-for-profit organizations dedicated to expanding the world of possibilities for aging care

WHERE: Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel in St. Louis, MO

WHEN: September 1-3, 2015

DETAILS: Stevens & Tate Marketing selected as featured speakers again this year, with Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner presenting at the 46th Annual event, “Embrace the Conversation: Strategy & Tactics for Using Search & Social To Engage and Attract Prospects/Residents” Read the rest of this entry »

Stevens & Tate

WHO: Healthcare professionals from around the worldFIME 2015

WHERE: Miami Beach Convention Center; Miami, Florida

WHEN: August 5-7, 2015

DETAILS: Stevens and Tate Marketing selected as featured speakers for the 25th Annual event, to present two informative sessions:
• President Dan Gartlan; “Integrated Strategies to Attract Prospects to Your Brand and Drive Success”
• Internet Marketing Director Nicole Wagner; “Embrace the Conversation: Strategies for Using Search & Social to Attract Prospects” Read the rest of this entry »

Debbie Szwast

Move over Baby Boomers, Gen Y has passed you as the largest share of the homebuying population according to the National Association of REALTORS®. Topping out at age 35, this group known as Millennials grew up online, are tech-savvy and don’t remember a time when they weren’t on a smart phone.

Most of these twenty and thirty somethings, nearly 70 percent, are purchasing their first homes and doing so because they want to own their own places. They understand the value of homeownership and more than 80 percent believe it’s a solid financial investment. That doesn’t mean they are looking to make a quick profit, though. Most expect to stay in their home for 10 years. So if you miss out on an opportunity to sell a home today, it might be awhile before you get another chance—unless, of course, a life change occurs that could prompt them to move. Read the rest of this entry »

Stevens & Tate

Kerrie Hughes | Creative Bloq | August 18, 2014

You’ll get tons of advice and inspiration on the subject of packaging design from these free resources.

The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people interested in packaging design. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we’ve picked out the top resources to help you really get to grips with it. Read the rest of this entry »

Stevens & Tate

Chip Overstreet | 1to1 Media | June 12, 2015

Although Spring is nearing the end, it’s the time of year when we clean out our homes and offices. This year we’re taking it a step further by sorting through our marketing strategies and challenge other marketers to take this opportunity to rejuvenate their strategies as well.

With their freshly organized closets, shoppers will be perusing the web looking to fill the empty space, so a fresh marketing strategy should be a priority for retailers. The goal should be to toss outdated and unnecessary tools, preserve what’s working well, and update your technology to be more modern and efficient. Here are five tips for marketers trying to revitalize their marketing strategy this spring.
Read the rest of this entry »

Mark Beebe

In 2015, food brands should be targeting Millennials with their advertisements, however the traditional media avenues are not as effective in reaching this younger generation of consumers.

Millennials consume advertisements through technology because it is so integrated into their lives, with 81 percent using televisions, 76 percent using laptops, 40 percent iPhones, and 48 percent using desktop computers. Read the rest of this entry »


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