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Mark Beebe

jeop_wp1_1600CBS took a gamble on Jeopardy 30 years ago. It has had to stay fresh by doubling the question values and adding video clues via The Clue Crew in 2001. And then a stroke of luck and good decision making came by way of lifting the five-game limit in 2003 and making it the first syndicated show to air in high-definition in 2006. But the accomplishments and achievements are mind boggling:

1992- Jerome Vered wins $34,000 to become the shows highest single-day winner which stood for more than 10 years.
1993- 11 foreign countries are producing their own version of Jeopardy.
2000- 30 countries.
2001- The dollar values double and Trebek shaves his mustache.

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Stevens & Tate

Stephanie Walden | November 25, 2013

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Know your audience: it’s basic marketing 101. (In fact, it’s probably the first lesson of the first class.) Who is buying or utilizing your product, service or platform? Even businesses that don’t meticulously record this information are at least aware of their customer base — it’s simply common sense.

Take, for example, the following scenario: Your brand is a high-end line of women’s footwear with locations throughout Southern California. You know which basic demographics to target: women between 25-45, within a specific income bracket, living in certain zip codes or neighborhoods. These demographics influence a huge number of decisions, from inventory and store decor, to staff selections, to marketing tactics, promotions and local advertising.

Now let’s apply this same philosophy to an ecommerce site. In the brick-and-mortar example, it may be difficult to monitor and record every single customer who walks through the door, but you’ll have an idea of your typical customer just based on observation. You’ll want to pay attention to your online customer base or audience in the same way. The beauty of the Internet is that much more information — zip code, age, gender, language, time zone and more — can be tracked and utilized.

In our Metrics that Matter series, Mashable is investigating the metrics that marketers care about and explaining why each metric is so important. Below, we outline the important elements of visitor profiles and how to make the most out of the

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information you uncover to drive sales.

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Debbie Szwast

Debbie Szwast | November 06, 2013 | Stevens & Tate

In the past few years, the retail marketplace has changed significantly. New technologies are impacting consumers’ attitudes and purchasing decisions. To stay successful, businesses need to evaluate and update their marketing strategies, programs and processes on a consistent basis. As the new year approaches is an opportune time to do so.

Stevens & Tate released a white paper discussing 13 key marketing initiatives to improve success. Below are a few items you can start focusing on today to make an impact in the upcoming year.

1. Media Plans and StrategiesMedia Plans and Strategies

The media landscape is constantly changing—new technologies and trends are emerging rapidly and existing platforms continue to evolve. This is providing new opportunities to market to your target audience. To reach today’s consumers, create a strategy that not only reaches them where they are looking, but also addresses what stage they are in the buying cycle.

Remember that media planning is not one size fits all. Develop your media strategy around your core audience, focusing on mediums where they are most engaged. However, don’t overlook the value of creating integrated campaigns with related messages across multiple platforms. This allows you to significantly increase your reach and frequency to build awareness, interest and interaction among those who matter most.

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Stevens & Tate

Greg Satell | October 6, 2013 |

Brands like Harley Davidson built strong communities long before social media even existed.  (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife)

Brands like Harley Davidson built strong communities long before social media even existed. (Image credit: AFP/Getty Images via @daylife)

In the 20th century, nearly every marketing problem had one solution—the 30 second TV ad.  If you had a product to sell, you could reach everybody you needed to with a powerful, highly polished message in a very short period of time.Yet marketing in the digital age is different.  Building awareness is no longer sufficient.  In fact, it may even benefit your competitors more than it does your brand because once consumers react to your message, they will be retargeted using digital methods.

So the basic function of marketing promotion has changed.  It is no longer enough to simply grab attention, you need to be able to hold attention and that’s where social strategy comes in.  The age of catchy slogans and massive ad campaigns is over.  Brands in the 20th century need to become more like publishers and strategy needs to follow from that.

Clarifying The Mission

Content strategy has become a popular specialty in marketing lately.  The problem is that very few content strategists actually know what they’re talking about.  They tend to approach content as if it was just a longer version of an ad and therefore double the usual amount of psychobabble about the “consumer mindset.”

In truth, a publisher’s first loyalty is not to the consumer, but to the editorial mission.  That doesn’t mean you should ignore consumers, trends or anything else that’s going on.  What it does mean is that great publications stand for something.

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Stevens & Tate

Michael Brenner | October 2, 2013 |

Stories are nothing new. They’ve been around for as long as we have. The earliest humans gathered around the campfire and figured out that effective storytelling was the best way to pass on the information that was vital for survival. They knew that truly connecting with their audience in an emotional way was a matter of life and death.

Some businesses think storytelling is about explaining what you sell or telling people what you do. But effective storytelling explains what you do for your customers. The power of stories lies in making the reader and the consumer part of the story.

That is the trick to creating Epic Content Marketing.

I had the honor and pleasure of writing the foreword for Joe Pulizzi’s bookEpic Content Marketing released last week. In the book, Joe states that “Publishing is the new marketing.” As it is the only way to “cut through the noise, commotion and bad information that is right now cluttering up your customer’s digital space.”

The world is now swimming in content and information. While we, as content consumers, are having fun creating and consuming all of this content that moves around the world in milliseconds, marketers and businesses are struggling. We are struggling in a growing battle for customer attention.

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Stevens & Tate

Mike Montano | September 24, 2013 | ForbesSocial-Media

There certainly are plenty of articles about social media “secrets.” More often than not, however, these tips turn out to be common sense.

While I am hesitant to call myself a social media expert, ninja or guru, I am an active consumer of social media.  I am also an avid participator and an employee well versed in social strategies. What I’ve noticed, aside from the never-ending amount of thin content, are five common truths about social media:

  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: It takes hours of research to make a campaign come alive, so why waste all this unused content? Reduce the billable hours by reusing and recycling (or repurposing) this content for different platforms. Have some interesting brief facts? Great, tweet them. Have a video that didn’t make the final cut? Good, re-edit and put on your blog with a quick intro. So many things can be done with this content. Even take your old content and refresh it a bit. Leave nothing behind.
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Mark Beebe

So a common conversation I hear often begins with “Does marketing work”?

If marketing didn’t work, how did you know about the new shows or movies coming out? What signaled you that the new iPad minis were shipping? Marketing is everywhere from bands to what telephone service you choose.

But in my estimation the greatest marketing out there is that of alcohol. Think about how 90% of adult Americans believe a party must include alcohol. Did you not have fun at your seventh grade birthday party?  How did that culture shift happen over time?

Placement, Placement, Placement

We could discuss the last 100 years but for the purpose of this blog, I want to look at a snapshot of today. Alcohol is everywhere, in ads,radio, on television, but more importantly, the product placement of every television show, movie which confirms that alcohol must be present in order to have a “great” party or to have a great meal. Do you know the billions SPENT on that placement is assuring your mind that it’s okay to drink BECAUSE everyone else is doing it? Read the rest of this entry »


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